Sorry for not blogging much today

I was out filling out and handing in job applications at the mall with my best friend Angie Mac. I made a lot of progress today and in total have 11 new applications in/going into circulation by tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll also be busy making phone calls and will be at the mall again to hit up the other half I didn’t have time to get to today. This trip was definitely NOT in vain because Gamestop and EB games are really interested in hiring me. 

At this point I would LOVE working their and would enjoy it so much its like they wouldn’t even have to pay me to keep showing up! You guys know I have a huge love for video games over shadowed by my passion for music. Working there would just be so awesome.  So heres to hoping! :p

  1. youoneproductions said: Wish u all the luck in the world friend.
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